TIM Training and Capacity Building Videos

Videography of recently produced videos showcasing TIM training and capacity building initiatives and activities, as well as videos promoting TIM and Traffic Operations concepts and their implementation in New Jersey.
TIM Overview: NJ Statewide TIM Program

The video provides an overview of concepts, activities, and initiatives spearheaded by a coalition of state and local agencies in New Jersey with a common purpose of ensuring safe and efficient response to traffic incidents. The video showcases recent TIM training activities, benefits of comprehensive and collaborative TIM training for first responders, different aspects, best practices and resources used in traffic incident response and management in New Jersey.
TIM Case Studies: Lessons Learned from Recent Events

This video showcases lessons learned from the response to three recent traffic incidents. The first responders describe how TIM training helped them prepare for adequate response and incident scene management. They also discuss safety risks that first responders and motorists face at the incident scene, and how to ensure everyone is kept out of harm’s way while working to ensure quick and efficient clearance of the roadway.
NJ/NY Joint TIM Training (September 2016)

Videography of the TIM training event organized jointly by the New Jersey DOT, New Jersey State Police, and New York State DOT on September 28, 2016, hosted by the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute in Mahwah, NJ. The video takes the viewers though the day’s training activities, including 4-hour course of the National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training Program, tabletop exercises, and outdoor practical demonstration.
Overview of NJDOT Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSM&O)

This video clip takes you behind the scenes of traffic management and operations activities performed by New Jersey DOT and partner agencies. The TSM&O ‘top brass’ at NJDOT discuss concepts, best practices, innovations, human and technological resources deployed to provide for safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people and goods on New Jersey's highways.